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Students and researchers come together at the Challenge Parties organized by Basque Quantum within the framework of the IBM Quantum Challenge

June 11, 2024

- BasQ organiza diferentes encuentros ("Challenge Parties") en diferentes localizaciones (Donostia, Leioa, Bilbao y Mondragon) dinamizados por nuestros BasQ advocates.

In a series of events organized by Basque Quantum, students and researchers came together over several days at various locations to participate in Challenge Parties within the framework of the IBM Quantum Challenge. These gatherings, held at the facilities of UPV/EHU and Mondragon Unibertsitatea, provided participants with the opportunity to collaborate and explore the labs that make up the challenge.

The IBM Quantum Challenge is a global initiative that invites the academic and scientific community to solve complex problems using quantum computing. During the Challenge Parties organized by Basque Quantum, attendees worked together, combining their knowledge and skills to tackle the proposed challenges. These collaborative sessions not only fostered learning and innovation in the field of quantum computing but also strengthened connections between students and researchers from different disciplines.

The chosen locations for these events included several campuses of UPV/EHU and Mondragon Unibertsitatea, specifically the Faculty of Informatics in Donostia, the Faculty of Science and Technology in Leioa, as well as the Bilbao and Arrasate campuses of Mondragon Unibertsitatea. These venues provided an ideal environment for creativity and academic interaction. Participants emphasized the importance of such initiatives for developing competencies in the emerging and promising field of quantum computing.

It’s worth highlighting the crucial role played by BasQ advocates in energizing these Challenge Parties. Acting as facilitators and mentors, these experts provided technical guidance and constant support to participants, ensuring that each team could overcome technical and conceptual obstacles encountered during the labs.