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Discover BasQ

Discover BasQ

What is BasQ?

BasQ is an initiative led by the Department of Education of the Basque Government in coordination with the Provincial Councils of Araba, Bizkaia, and Gipuzkoa that has the ambition to position Euskadi as one of the world´s leading quantum hubs by developing an ecosystem of Research, Talent and Innovation in Quantum Technologies.

The commitment to Quantum Science and Technologies in the Basque Country goes back several years with the launching of the Basque Excellence Research Centers (BERC) Program and, particularly, with the establishment of the Donostia International Physics Center (DIPC) and the Materials Physics Center (MPC), along with initiatives and deliberate strategies thereafter.

It is in this context of quality and excellence-oriented science system, and a fruitful public-private cooperative dynamic that Euskadi ́s commitment to Quantum Technologies emerges, a long-term commitment with a clear focus on science impact, as part of the IKUR Strategy.

Launched at the end of 2020 and inspired on the European Commission ́s Flagship Initiatives, the IKUR 2030 Strategy prioritizes Quantum Technologies as one of its four emblematic areas (together with Neurobiosciences, Neutrionics and High-Performance Computing & Artificial Intelligence) and aims to create a quality research ecosystem in quantum technologies, with sufficient critical mass and internationally connected, so that it can become an attractive pole for the most brilliant researchers from all over the world, and for the development of business opportunities.

Aligned with the aforementioned initiatives aimed at strengthening a quantum ecosystem in the Basque Country, an strategic alliance with IBM has been established to gain access to the its quantum computing cloud infrastructure and the installation of the 'IBM Quantum System One' in 2025, thus allowing the Basque Country to become a Quantum Computing Center (QCC), which today represents the highest level of IBM's partnership model in its Global Quantum Network.

Based on all these strong scientific and technological capabilities, the BasQ initiative has the mission to connect top scientific and academic talent and relevant industry leaders to advance research on Quantum Technologies, educate and train the quantum workforce of tomorrow and enable business creation unlocking the potential of quantum economy in the Basque Country and worldwide.


Charting a Course for Quantum Excellence and Global Impact.

Scientific Discovery

Scientific Discovery

Actively contribute to scientific discovery in various areas of Quantum Technologies through participation in leading-edge projects.

Practical Applications

Practical Applications

Advance the practical application of Quantum Computing to address global challenges in materials, energy, climate change, personalized medicine, security, etc.

Talent Development

Talent Development

Become a reference pool of highly qualified professionals and circulate international talent in Quantum Computing Technologies.

Business Opportunities

Business Opportunities

Accelerate the use and exploitation of Quantum Technologies in different business sectors, fostering new opportunities and generating social value.


Underpinned by a world-class quantum computing system and excellent researchers, the strategy unfolds in three dimensions:


Basque-Global Quantum Research Community

Develop fundamental knowledge and practical applications through cutting-edge projects in both basic and applied research within a local-global cooperation framework.


Basque Quantum Academy

Generate quantum research talent, educate professionals, and become an international reference in education, training, and talent attraction.


Basque Quantum Innovation District

Foster innovation in Southern Europe, advance an economy based on Quantum Technologies, and serve as a platform for launching new businesses and ventures.

  1. Research
    Basque-Global Quantum Research Community
  2. Innovation
    Basque Quantum Academy
  3. Education & Training
    Basque Quantum Innovation District
  4. Infrastructure

Partnership with IBM

IBM, a global leader in advanced information technologies, is a key partner.

IBM Quantum, within IBM Global, develops quantum technologies through open innovation approaches. The strategic alliance with IBM enables access to the IBM Quantum System One, making the Basque Country a Quantum Computing Center (QCC) and a hub for quantum science, education, and industrial applications.

BasQ-IBM Alliance

Eighteen academic and research institutions form the BasQ-IBM alliance, a growing ecosystem positioning BasQ at the forefront of Quantum Technologies development.

CIC Biomagune
Mondragon Unibertsitatea
DIPC Donostia International Physics Center
CIC Energigune
Universidad de Navarra
Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea - Universidad del País Vasco
CIC Nanogune
CIC Biogune

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