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First training workshop on quantum computing by BasQ

June 15, 2023

Within the framework of the Ikerbasque-IBM alliance and integrated in the BasQ Strategy, a training workshop on Qiskit was held in Donostia in June, given by IBM.

First training workshop on quantum computing by BasQ

Qiskit is an open-source software for working with quantum computers that sits between quantum algorithms from one side, and the physical quantum device from the other. It translates common programming languages like Python into quantum machine language. Qiskit tutorial is meant to introduce the audience to Qiskit as SDK for programming quantum computers on the cloud. Whether it is used as research or as educational tool, Qiskit offers a broad range of modules, an extended documentation, and several features for supporting any person working in quantum computing. During the tutorial, the users will learn the basics: how to design a quantum circuit, how to compile the circuit for a specific service, how to run the compiled circuit, how to compute summary statistics and visualize the results. We will also introduce the audience to the Application Modules with an example, as well as to Qiskit Runtime - a quantum computing service and programming model that allows users to optimize workloads and efficiently execute them on quantum systems at scale, by introducing of primitives.

The two-day event, 13-14 June, was attended by more than 40 attendees, mainly researchers, interested in receiving training and hands-on experience on this software development kit created by IBM to work with quantum computers at the circuit, pulse and algorithm levels.